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2021 Allingham Poetry & Flash Fiction Competitions Open for Entries

The 2021 Allingham Poetry and Flash Fiction Competitions are open for entries. First-place winners in Flash Fiction and in Poetry will each receive a prize of €300. Deadline for entries is 17 September 2021, with a fee of €5 per entry.

Prizes will be awarded in a live on-line Awards Ceremony during the Nov 3-7 Festival. Poet Afric McGlinchey and novelist Nuala O’Connor will judge the competitions. Rules and on-line entry forms are posted at

Allingham Poetry and Flash Fiction entrants must be 18 years of age by 3 Nov 2021. The Festival offers separate art and writing competitions for children, also detailed on the website.

This year’s Allingham Festival will include concerts, workshops and a performance by comedian Seamus O’Rourke. In line with national health guidelines, Festival planners hope to offer live events in the Abbey Centre and other Ballyshannon venues, with contingency plans for on-line broadcasts and hybrid activities. Follow for emerging details of the Festival.

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