You don’t choose to write. Writing chooses you.

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Radio Interviews about The Cursing Stone

I’ve been fortunate to be interviewed about The Cursing Stone on two radio shows…

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Serialised Novels Make a Comeback

A sense of ongoing connection with the characters draws in an audience…

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Map of key locations in The Cursing Stone

“You need a map!” – Tommy Graham, Editor, History Ireland


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Sources for The Cursing Stone

Many individuals contributed information and ideas to The Cursing Stone…

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Launch of The Cursing Stone

Broadcast as a live webinar – recording now on-line…

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Pico Iyer

“Writing is, in the end, that oddest of anomalies: an intimate letter to a stranger.”

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Leslie Marmon Silko

“Writing can’t change the world overnight, but writing may have an enormous effect over time, over the long haul.”

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E L Doctorow

Write what you know? E L Doctorow advocated the opposite approach.

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