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Radio Interviews about The Cursing Stone

In addition to The History Show on RTE Radio 1,  I’ve been fortunate to be interviewed about The Cursing Stone on several radio shows…

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Serialised Novels Make a Comeback

A sense of ongoing connection with the characters draws in an audience…

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Map of key locations in The Cursing Stone

“You need a map!” – Tommy Graham, Editor, History Ireland


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Sources for The Cursing Stone

Many individuals contributed information and ideas to The Cursing Stone…

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Launch of The Cursing Stone

Broadcast as a live webinar – recording now on-line…

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Instalment 1 of The Cursing Stone

County Donegal, Ireland, 1884. Your island home is threatened with mass evictions. What would you be willing to do to stop them?

The fates of two men – Ruari Mullan of Tory Island, and Sub-Lieutenant William Gubby of HMS Wasp – intersect in the disastrous arc of the Irish Land Wars.

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An Early Review by Peter Goulding

“It’s a cracking read from start to finish, and I was kind of sorry when I finished it.”

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